Proud of You

As humans, we have a desire (spoken or not) to be acknowledged. ¬†Not only to be acknowledged, but to be told that someone is proud of us; proud of all we’ve done, all we’re doing, and all we’re going to do. ¬†Since the beginning of our relationship, Ashley has always done that for me. ¬†She has been a constant voice of encouragement. ¬†On the good days, on the days that I just want to quit my job and become a hermit, on the days that are “fine” but something still seems a little off. She’s been that voice.

For the past 731 days, I’ve tried to be the same for her. ¬†The following is something I recorded for her on one of her rough days. ¬†Where her arm was reared back, and the towel was balled up tight, ready to be thrown will all of her might. ¬†She was frustrated with life and her job. ¬†She was defeated. ¬†It was in that moment, and in these moments, that I knew what I needed to do. ¬†I needed to speak life.

This is what came out.

We're Note Done Walking Yet

Ash, I love you and I am so dang proud of you.

//Who encourages you? And, who do you encourage?//

A Couple of Things

In February, I posted a piece of Ashley’s Valentine’s Day present. ¬†I recorded a spoken word album called “We’re Not Done Walking Yet”. Well, I recorded the words and used music from some amazing artists in the background. Here is another track of these words.
We're Note Done Walking Yet
“A Couple of Things”
Album: “We’re Not Done Walking Yet”
 Joshua Stephens
Backing Track: “Turning Into Tiny Particles” by Hammock