A Couple of Things

In February, I posted a piece of Ashley’s Valentine’s Day present.  I recorded a spoken word album called “We’re Not Done Walking Yet”. Well, I recorded the words and used music from some amazing artists in the background. Here is another track of these words.
We're Note Done Walking Yet
“A Couple of Things”
Album: “We’re Not Done Walking Yet”
 Joshua Stephens
Backing Track: “Turning Into Tiny Particles” by Hammock

We’re Not Done Walking Yet

This year has been one of the most exciting yet trying ones yet.  With all of the excitements of our engagement and one day marriage, we have felt the attack of the Enemy stronger than ever before.  And, to be honest, it’s been tough.  But, we’re calling it what it is, an attack.  Because, we know that what God has in store for us is going to shake the gates of Hell and we are so excited about all that is to come.

On one of the tougher nights, I wrote this for Ashley.  And, from there, her whole Valentine’s gift came into being.  Over the past month, I have been recording spoken word pieces for her while driving in my car. Once they were recording, I used my very minimal skills with Garage Band and made them pretty.

This is my favorite off of this 7 track album. Enjoy!

We're Note Done Walking Yet